Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My husband thinks I'm "Blooming" Crazy!

Yep, my dear husband's an engineer, and a very fine photographer too.  Everything he makes is done with a precision that is agonizing for me to watch.  His work is fantastic, and was the origin of our online gallery. 

...and then, there's ME!  His polar opposite!  He just shakes his head when he enters my workshop.  Take my flame fashioned organza flowers for instance.  I like to purchase fabric because it "calls me", not because I have a project in mind.  It sits and ages until we get to know each other well enough to become creative partners.  This beautiful rainbow organza decided to take on a new life as beautiful blossoms. 

I assisted by cutting and applying the heat.  I allow each petal to mold itself, holding it gently near the flame as it twists and curls into a petal or leaf.  Then I mix and match the petals until we are all happy with each other and I have a bouquet! 

I'll add beads or button centers as they come into full bloom.  I'll sew or glue each blossom into a pin, hairclip, pillow accent, or bookmark so that it can find it's useful place in society.  After all this interaction, I'm sad each time one of my babies leaves me for it's new home. .... and once again, Dear Husband just shakes his head.


  1. I love those colors you used! Very pretty! I love those kind of flowers - you can put them on anything.

  2. I love how you say the fabric calls you. I try to resist fabric but yarn or buttons are another story. Sometimes men don't get it and we just have to shake our heads back at them!