Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot in Texas

Did I mention it was HOT in Texas? Seriously hot, as in 105 to 108 for the last few days. The doggies won't even head outdoors to do their business without a shove out the door. The birdbath needs refilling 2 times per day, and the birds are flying holding patterns round the lawn waiting their turn at the fountain.

So, I'm indoors, sweltering as the air conditioner tries it's darnedest to keep up....singing carols and making Christmas ornaments! This is actually very wise (she says in her sage grandmotherly voice). It allows me to "think" cool. It allows me to prepare my crafts for the upcoming rush. And, last but not least, it means I'm way too busy to do any errands or chores outside!

I'm excited about my new line of JunkMail Jewels ornaments. Can't unveil them just yet, but soon....very soon. Now I'm off to water the garden plants - it's dark and the air can finally be breathed without scorching your lungs. And still I'm "dreaming of a white Christmas".