Monday, August 29, 2011

ZBox - a Super Sampler!

Whether you're a Zibbet buyer or seller, you need to know about ZBox!  As a buyer, you'll be able to sample dozens of products for one tiny price and easily find your favorite shops. 

As a seller, you'll find a fantastic marketing tool in the ZBox!  This very successful sample program features and promotes both our shops and Zibbet as a whole.  We have a nice following and have received positive feedback and reviews from those outside the Zibbet community, including the Little Black Box and Beauty Pirate.  We have no quotas or monthly requirements to join our group.  Zibbet sellers just send samples or coupons when you wish.  You'll receive promos all over the internet (FB, YouTube, Blogs, Giveaway pages, etc)  in addition to having your samples in the hands of eager buyers.
CHECK us out here:
Check us out!