Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homemade Halloween Fun

Some of my fondest memories are of the "just for fun" holiday - Halloween! It was the one day of the year that I could stay out late roaming the streets with my friends - boys & girls! As we became teens, we papered a few houses and rang doorbells and ran. But mostly we just dressed up in homemade costumes, gathered candy, cupcakes, popcorn balls, and apples. Yes, I grew up before we were enlightened about all the evils that folks can do, so homemade treats from the neighborhood were totally acceptable. What a wonderful, naive time in which to grow up!

Sweeter still are the memories of Halloweens with my children. We spent weeks before the big day creating costumes. Of course they were handcrafted! We never even considered "store-bought"! We made huge messes in the kitchen too - Carmel apples, Popcorn Balls, and Krispy Kritters were the treats we enjoyed for weeks before and after October 31st. Everyone created and cooked and enjoyed weeks of fun in the name of Halloween.

Now the grandchildren are the only trick-or-treaters in the family. I so miss the bedlam of the good ole days! No sticky carmel, no rice krispies on the face paint on the lavatory and mirror! But I still take time to create some handmade fun each fall.

My new passion is creating beautiful new items from re-purposed materials. I've revived the art of making pumpkins from vent hoses.

 Another favorite craft is garlands from "JunkMail Jewels" - my folded paper stars. These were made from leftover Halloween bags.

So while times have changed, my passion for Halloween fun has not! I'm finishing up my "kitty" costume and headed into town to take my 2 little munchkins trick-or-treating! They are just 9 months and 3 years old, so it should be a "treat" to see their faces as they discover the age-old fun. Hope you and yours make this time of year special too! Memories are forever!