Wednesday, June 26, 2013

With a Little Help from my Friends no. 2

This week's featured artists are very near and dear to my well as talented!  Please meet my good friends, and fellow Texas artists, Gwen and Pat Knieff.

Gwen is a woman of many talents, which she currently showcases in her BaiBai Emporium shop on Zibbet.  She creates adorable little fairies, just bubbling with personality.  The tiny details that she paints on their faces are amazing!  She pours the molds, paints and fires them, then dresses each fairy and gives it a home and a personality!   This is Fairy Joan

                                        and this is Geraldine Showing off her Crystal

Gwen's equally talented husband, Pat, is a photographer who sells his art on Fine Art America.  You can find him at Pat Knieff Art.  
His works range in subject from stunning beauty to downright funny!
Here are a couple of favorites:
                                                                    Delicate Flowers

Beautiful Fowl


               And this fine piece to make you laugh:

                                         Unique Hair Piece

Gwen and Pat are new to the online world of arts and crafts.  Stop by their shops and show them some love!  Tell them Texas Eagle sent you!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

With a Little Help from my Friends no. 1

Have you missed me yet? 
This poor old blog has been sadly neglected for many months.  I'm hopeful that my plans for a new weekly feature will get me back doing what I truly enjoy - sharing beauty and inspiration through this site.
First, as an excuse, I'll explain that our house burned down last November and has been a constant drain of time and energy for 6 long months.  But, as usual, the blessings outnumber the hardships:  1)nobody was injured;  2)we already had a new home under construction;  3)the rebuild has created a fresh new space; 4) the kindness of friends and neighbors has been overwhelming;  and on and on. 

With this major task behind me, I'm pleased to announce my plans for a weekly post featuring one or more of my amazing artisan friends.  I take much pleasure (and find sanity) in creative endeavors.  These folks inspire me, advise me, and promote our works.  I'm pleased to start this first edition by featuring the wonderful and varied works of my friend Becky West!

So grab a cuppa tea, sit and enjoy the wonderful creations that Becky has available.   You can find her at Body & Soul by RWest DesignsRebeccas Jewelry, and at Rebecca West Art on FAA.
 She's one amazing gal, I can vouch for that!