Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you ever asked for a Sign?

Have you ever been troubled, overwhelmed or just uncertain?  Have you ever asked for a Sign?  Well, I certainly have.  This past year has handed us unimaginable troubles:  the death of a son and a father; the flooding of our "For Sale" home (TWICE) with sanitary sewage; extreme drought and forest fires - just to name a few!  As a Christian, I find comfort in God's care, and try to start each day thankful and positive.  But some days it's just hard.....

Like the bleary-eyed morning I saw this magnet by Monk Mama on Zibbet.

Jesus KNOWS Me, This I LOVE!   That play on words says it all to me!  It changed my perspective for the day and has continued to enrich me on a daily basis.  I've shared the magnet with my Mom and I know it blessed her too. 

Think about it!  Have you ever known someone famous?  It's not that you know them....everyone does!  It's that they know YOU!  I'm lucky enough to have received many smiles and winks from famous friends on the stage.  It's thrilling.  I love just applying that feeling to the fact that JESUS recognizes and acknowledges me from on high too!  Wow!  I don't feel small or helpless at all knowing this!  Jesus Loves Me, Jesus KNOWS me!  And I am truly blessed!

I hope this saying blesses you too.