Sunday, May 2, 2010

Zibbet and Etsy

There are lots of folks out here bashing one venue or the other.  Not me, I've loved being an Etsy seller for over a year now and have done quite well with our shops.  But the opportunity to join Zibbet just felt right so we followed our hearts and jumped right in.  Glad we did!

Zibbet is not Etsy.  So what?  It's warm and friendly with a hands on, small town shop feel.  I think it's like having a shop on a lane in a lovely neighborhood as opposed to a booth in a market on the highway.  Both attract buyers, and both are necessary.  Why choose just one?   Different strokes for different folks!

Zibbet makes listing a breeze and it's been no problem keeping up with both.  We've continued to have views and sales at both.  We do market and promote the Zibbet site more strongly at the moment,  but we certainly have more Etsy followers and fans.  April stats showed more views on Zibbet items than for the same items in Etsy....Sweet!  So, all things considered, we highly recommend you try Zibbet.  You can sell up to 25 items in your shop for free, or move up to  a premium account for a small monthly fee.  Click here for more info:

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