Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This time of year, everyone is Irish! Who doesn't love St. Patrick's Day? It's had me thinking what it is that's so appealing. Of course the unspoiled beauty of the land itself is enough to take you there - in person if you've a bit of Irish luck. But the thing that draws you back again is definitely the people! They are the most charming and agreeable folks I've ever known.

We have been blessed with Irish friends from the most famous to the quiet village folk. Without exception, they are kind, witty, and wise. They open their hearts and share their gifts with the world. They sing and play or write like no others. I believe it is because of their open hearts. Most of us are too afraid to stand up and sing. They learn at an early age that the reward is so much more than any embarrassment could possibly be. They challenge fear and plunge headlong into whatever their calling. They encourage each other and share in the joy. The craic is truly mighty! To be in the presence of their multi-generational celebration is wondrous. Take for instance my personal favorite group, The High Kings. Their songs are old ballads loved by their fathers. Their new harmonies and energy make them favorites with kids from 2 to 99! To witness them and their fans first hand is truly a privilege.

I'm thankful for the bit of Irish blood I have, and especially for the many Irish friends that I love. God Bless Ireland!

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