Monday, March 29, 2010

Hickory, Hearts, and History

Saturday I found myself walking down the long gravel driveway that I've walked for 13 years. This time something grabbed my attention and swept me away! I spied a little heart in the dirt and quickly realized it as a hickory shell. Wow! I'd stepped on them for years, but never really saw them. Now it was as clear as day & I felt as though I'd just removed my blinders.

Of course I had to search for more, and soon had dozens scooped from the ground. Next step was - of course - the internet to learn about my treasure. I discovered that while many varieties of hickory have heart shaped nuts, this particular type had a much more distinctive shell (and hardly any nutmeat). I also remembered that the ground we now think of as home was once a settlement called Hickory Hill. In the 1840's, Hickory Hill had a school house, 2 or 3 churches, a store, gravel yard, and tannery. My mind raced with images of pioneer children gathering these precious nuts. I did indeed feel like I'd found real treasure.

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