Monday, October 1, 2012

Driving in Ireland

Just home from another lovely visit to Ireland, and thought I'd share some insight on one of the most asked questions about Ireland....."What's it like driving in Ireland?"

First, let me admit, I've never driven in Eire.  Dear Hubby has assumed that task with great skill and devotion.  However, I must agree with many who have said that driving is easy - it's being a passenger that takes a strong stomach!  One strong, manly firefighter even told me he "screamed like a girl" when it was his turn to leave the wheel and become a passenger.  So, here's my attempt to explain in pictures.  Come along as I take you on a little journey from my side of the car in the splendid Emerald Isle.  These are from Clonmel to Killarney, to Ballina, then out to Achill Island.  Enjoy!!!

Castle views....
and narrow lanes
and that breathtaking Green Whrrrrrrrr!
 and sharing the roadway...
wondering how SatNav (GPS) knows this road???
See the slot cut by the side mirrors into the hedges?

and pulling in your shoulders as you pass...

scenic views...

and Turn Arounds!

Ruins round every bend

and more GPS shortcuts!

Rain, Sheep, and Roads that Rise Up to Meet you!

Views that take your breath away....

and thinking these sheep are the luckiest creatures on earth!

and finally, a reward at the end of the journey!  What a view!


  1. WOW! Kelly wants to go there....someday.

    1. I hope she makes it! The people are the biggest treasure in Ireland and she would LOVE them!

  2. Wow traveling through your eyes is awesome ~ however it makes me want to move there. It is so beautiful and looks SO inviting!