Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gulf Coast Charity Series Art Prints

We've spent most of our lives vacationing along America's southern Gulf Coast, anywhere from Texas to Florida.   Unfortunately, we've only recently come to the full realization of the unique and wonderful beauty that is the US Gulf Coast. For us, the wonder of childhood was replaced by the wanderlust of youth and we longed for unfamiliar horizons.  Travel and longevity have brought us back home in our hearts, and replaced our territorial pride with knowledge certain.....from the Mexican border in Texas to the Florida keys, this is one fantastic national treasure!

Now this entire region is threatened, along with a time honored way of life that can never be replaced.  The family heritage of fishermen and shopkeepers will come to an end if action isn't taken soon.  Surely politics and greed won't keep our countrymen from actually stopping this flow of oil.  Hopefully fear and fanaticism won't stop the drilling that feeds families and fuels our nation.  Common ground and common sense must win.  We grow up tough here in the south, and we will survive.  All together, and One step at a time.

We've added a shop section featuring gulf coast images.  A generous portion of the profits from all sales will be donated to Ducks Unlimited.  We like their history and charity ratings, with over 86%  of donations used in programs, not administration.  Their stated mission:  "to conserve, restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North Americas waterfowl".    Please shop with us today, or contact Ducks Unlimited to make your own donation.


  1. Ducks Unlimited is a Great Organization~ Know several people that belong to it. What a mess this all is!